We have a partnership with Gilrose who can provide our customers with financial assistance through an easy application process.

A deposit of 50% is required to be paid before the job proceeds, then the balance will be paid within 7 days of completion.

Yes. The 'CLASSIC' Louvre spans 4m, but if you need a longer span or are in a high wind zone, the 'ULTRA' Louvre is best. This will span 5.5m in medium wind zone.

We have nearly finished our design for this, will be on market early 2018.

No louvre roof will be 100% waterproof. It must be remembered that the function of roof louvres is to control sun, not rain. However, the unique design of our louvre catches the water, and as the roofs are installed on a slight fall, the water is channelled into our effective internal gutter system, which then flows into the down-pipe. You should expect some moisture under severe weather conditions.

Yes - frame, louvres, posts, brackets, gutter, fixings

Yes, we can anodise the aluminium instead of powdercoating

Our Classic Louvre spans 4.1m and our stronger Ultra Louvre can span 5.5m. These are in a medium wind zone.

We usually use the Dulux Duratec powdercoat range, but other options are available upon request

Yes, it can be fixed to the house by wall brackets or soffit brackets or it can be stand-alone. Can be customised.

Every six months the aluminium should be washed with warm soapy water, and fixings checked.

An electrician hired by the customer

Not as yet, installation is in the greater Auckland area only.

The customer is responsible for this