Design your own Altech Louvre

The first question is to ask what you are trying to achieve with your aluminium motorised roof louvres. For instance:

  • What size and louvre layout do you want?
  • Do you want to use the area in summer only or all year round?
  • Do you want to control the mid-day sun or possibly the morning or evening?
  • Is your opening roof stand-alone (pavilion) or does it interact with your home?
  • Is your home new or existing?
  • What features or optional extras do you want on your aluminium roof louvre?

Our Designs

We design and build all our own louvre systems. If you're looking for plans for our products you can find them below!

Louvre Layouts


An area of up to 20sqm does not require a building consent in Auckland. Therefore an area of 6 x 3.3 metres for instance, equals 19.8 metres is an optimum size. Of course you can have something smaller or bigger by going with more than one Altech Louvre bay, or by using our stronger Ultra Louvres. So for instance an area of 6 x 5 metres could be divided into 2 panels of 6 x 2.5 metres or 5 x 3 metres

Optimum widths

It is more economical to maximise the width of your new Altech Louvre. However the width is limited by the maximum span, which is dependent on the wind zone. For instance up to HIGH, the maximum frame width is 4 metres, and decreases for higher zones.

Optimum lengths

It is more economical the larger the length, up to about 6 metres (where we have to go to more than one bay). Also we recommend choosing the length of your Altech Louvre to allow full louvres only. For instance a length of 5967mm means there is exactly enough room to fit 23 louvres, whereas 5960mm means there are 22 louvres with a large gap which needs to be filled with what we call a “dead louvre”, ie one that does not operate. Refer to the attached chart for recommended louvre panel lengths

Louvre orientation

We can adjust the louvre orientation and the opening direction. Imagine a building elevation that faces North, the louvres can be North-South or East-West, and the opening can be clockwise or anticlockwise. So there are 4 options. Now think about what you want to control, mostly it is the mid-day sun, but may for instance be the evening sun. For the former the louvres should be East West, opening anti-clockwise (viewed from the East). For the evening sun, they should be North South, opening clockwise (viewed from the South).

Louvre Support

Your new Altech louvres can be supported using AL posts or attaching to part of a building, or they can be installed into a framed opening by others.

AL posts

This is a powdercoated aluminium post specially designed to integrate with the AL louvre system and has an internal downpipe if required. AL posts can be used to fully support, eg pavilion, or partly support.

Posts by others

Your AL louvres can be supported by posts in concrete, timber or steel.

Attach to a building

Your opening roof can be supported off a building by fixing to a wall or to a soffit. If the building is new please contact us at an early stage to ensure it is detailed to enable fixing.

Framed by others

This is when you or your builder builds an opening for your louvre to be installed into. Please contact us at an early stage to ensure the opening structure is detailed to enable installation of the louvres, for instance the length of the opening should be such that a full number of louvres fits precisely into the space


Height of Louvres

We recommend a minimum of 2.3 metres height to the underside of the frame. This means for instance that louvre systems typically will not fit under soffits. Also you may want to raise the louvres so they overlap your roof and drain into the house gutters


We recommend the use of light colours for your Altech Louvres. This is because this gives a greater sense of height when closed, and also lighter colours of powdercoating will fade less. It is of course possible to powdercoat your frame and louvres different colours.

Control Automation

Your Altech Louvre is powered by a high quality actuator made by Linak in Denmark. It is can be controlled in a number of ways but comes standard with an RF remote control. There are other options such as Wi-Fi, fully integrated home automation or just manual control, refer to the Optional Extras for more information

Electrical work

Your AL Louvre system (actuator and optional LED lights) is powered by 24V DC. However it requires a 230V AC supply to its transformer. This can be handled in two ways

  • AL louvre is supplied to site with an exterior rated 3 pin 230V plug, which can then be plugged into an existing supply
  • The power supply is integrated into the household supply by a registered electrician on site - usually arranged by the client

Plumbing work

Your Altech Louvre system is supplied with a perimeter gutter with outlet. The downpipe for this outlet can be integrated inside an AL post (if supplied) or feed onto the ground, or integrated with the household stormwater by a registered plumber on site. The plumber is arranged by the client.

Optional Extras


Your aluminium motorised roof louvre system comes with a remote control. There are a number of other options available upon request

  • Two way switch - this is fixed to the wall, has a simple open close function, and of course cannot be lost!
  • Wi-Fi - this enables the control to be carried out from a device such as a smart phone
  • RS232M - this is an adaptor which enables the control of all functions to be integrated into cloud based total home automation systems

Rain sensor

These are available to automatically close your Altech Louvre at the first spots of rain


Both LED (spot) and RGB strip lights can be incorporated within your Altech Louvre system, the lights are 24V supply and can be operated by the same remote that controls the automation

Aluminium Louvre Screens

These feature powdercoated aluminium airfoil louvre screens which offer privacy and wind and rain protection. The can be operable (open and close) and/or sliding